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Simple, Luxury Elopements

 Luxury Micro Wedding / Elopements

Not every  couple wants a large scale wedding, but every couple wants the day of their dreams; created flawlessly and without hassle.

We created StealAway, a luxury, elopement division of The Collins Collective to create stunning weddings, at the drop of a hat, with minimum preparation, and a complete 5-star luxury experience.

It's simple. Answer 10 questions which take less than 2 minutes a piece. Arrive at our location and leave the rest to us! We create a fully planned and luxurious micro wedding elopement that you will be enchanted with.


Our goal is to have you experience your wedding location with white gloved service; removing the hassle of five thousands details needed to plan a large scale wedding.  Whether it's just the two of you or an intimate group of up to 8 friends, we take care of everything.

We want you to enjoy your wedding day, be pampered and experience the magic of

"Steal Away"

Full Luxury Experience $3500 |  Ceremony Only $1,000*

Friday / Sunday's  | Jan-March 2024 (1:00pm or 5:00pm)

Wednesday /Sunday's | April- Nov 2024 


Our Five-Star Experience

Getting Ready:

Invite the Hair and Make-up Artist of your choice to join you in your personal apartment

where you will get ready before your big day. Arrival up to 3 hours before wedding.

Groom's can enjoy their own private space right in our Ceremony Location.

*First Look (if you choose):

Enjoy our picturesque gardens or fun industrial downtown 

vibe for the perfect photos!


All white backdrop for stunning photos

Included Sound System

Event Attendant (Can act as witness)

Wedding Arch of your choice


Enjoy a post ceremony celebration with a Cutting Cake

and Luxury Glass of Champagne 


Continue the Celebration with a post ceremony meal at one of our

restaurant partners.

Honeymoon Suite:

Retire back to the honeymoon suite that you started your day out with

Check out the next morning at 11am

Total Cost: $3,500

Friday / Sunday's  | Jan-March 2024 (1:00pm or 5:00pm)

Wednesday /Sunday's | April- Nov 2024 

Book up to 6 Months in Advance

Up to 10 Guests including Couple ( Max: 30ppl Additional fee's apply)

Payment In Full Due During Booking

* Classic Micro Ceremony Option


Venue Location: Collins at the Clocktower



Venue Photos

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